KCE Electronics Public Company Limited (Company) has a policy of Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy and strives to listen to complaints from all stakeholders either within or outside the organization in relation to good corporate governance and business code of conduct, corporate compliance or fraud reporting.

The Company will process complaints with transparency, honesty, and fairness equally including keep personal information confidential and provides measures to protect the sincere complainants and relevant witnesses. This is to ensure that the Company’s operations be efficient and conform with the principle of good corporate governance policy.

The Company has established the whistleblowing framework as follows;

  1. Scope of complaints which can be submitted via Whistleblower channel covers i.e. fraud misconduct or legal breach as well as other matters relating to business ethics.
  2. Complaints can be submitted via the following channels:
    • Whistleblower channel in the Company’s internet website: www.kce.co.th
    • Whistleblower channel in the Company’s intranet system
    • E-mail : whistleblower@kce.co.th
    • Mail to:
      Internal Audit Manager
      KCE Electronics Public Company Limited
      72-72/1-3 Lat Krabang Industrial Estate, Soi Chalongkrung 31,
      Lumplatew, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
    • Other channels which the Company has made available (if any)
  3. Complaints shall be comprised of
    1. Details of complaints must be within the scope of the complaint mentioned in No.1, must be true, clear, or have sufficient evidence to investigate the facts.
    2. The Complainant may choose to remain anonymous, address, phone number, if the disclosure will cause any insecurity or damage. If disclosure is made, progress can be reported, or to ask more useful information to clarify the facts or mitigate the damage more easily and quickly.
    3. The information received will be confidential, and the name of complainant is not disclose to the public without consent.
    4. Complaints are protected either within or outside the organization.
    5. The processing time is depended on the complexity of the matter, adequacy of the evidence received from the complainant, including documents, evidence and statements of the complainant.
    6. The recipient of the complaint and the persons involved in the investigation process should disclose the confidential information as necessary with the consideration of the complainant's safety and damages, the person who cooperates in the investigation, source of information or related persons.
    7. In case of complainant, cooperative person, foresee that there might be insecurity or trouble occur to themselves, they may ask the Company to determine appropriate protection measures or the Company may determine the appropriate protection without no asking If it is deemed to be damage or insecurity,
    8. Those who have suffered damage will be mitigated with appropriate and fair procedures.
    9. The Company will correspond to the complainant in the following ways:
      1. To confirm receipt of complaints or registration for complaint filing
      2. To request for additional details and information
      3. To inform the result of the complaint consideration
      4. Other correspondences deemed appropriate
    10. Consideration or investigation processes and determination of penalties will be in accordance with the rules, regulations or guidelines issued by the Company, or any relevant rules and laws.
    11. The complainant shall be aware and understand that all complaints made to the Company must be in good faith and honest, and only truthful information be given. In the event that the complainant intends to give false information or to defame the organization or person(s) in the Company, the Company maintains the rights to enforce any action with the complainant according to the Company’s procedures or relevant rules and regulations and can proceed to the relevant laws as appropriate.

Protection of the rights of employees, or other persons employed to work for the company

The Company will not act unfairly on employees or other persons employed to work for the company whether by changing the position, job description or workplace, work suspending, threatening, interfere with the operation, termination or otherwise of any act that is unfair to such person in the reasons that:

  1. Provide information, cooperate, or assist in any way to director, management, government agency, compliance unit, In the event that they have to believe in good faith that there is a violation or non-compliance with the law, regulations, code of conduct or corporate governance policy.
  2. Provide words, submit evidence, or assistance in any way to director, management, government agency, compliance unit for the purpose of considering or investigating where there are suspected violations or non-compliance with the law, regulations, code of conduct or corporate governance policy.
Whistleblowing Channel Form