Social Responsibility

Policy Overview

The Company’s commitment to social responsibility is one of our core values. Projects and activities focus on the sustainable development of people, culture, and the environment and are supported by the active participation of all KCE employees. Working groups for specific projects have been established to maintain continuity in CSR activities with recommendations provided by Management. Therefore, our CSR projects have been largely driven by the “Volunteer Spirit” of the Company. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Working Group, which serves as a CSR project center, plans the direction of CSR, sets budgets, as well as organizes CSR projects and activities. Their duties also include following up project performances, reporting progress to Management and serving as a center to communicate with external organizations. All activities are performed in accordance with KCE’s core values to create sustainable development in society.

The Company operates its business in an ethical manner with a strong sense of social responsibility. These values are incorporated into Management’s practices as an example for the younger generation to follow and to commit to the 8 principled standards according to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, as follows:

The Company committed to the Anti-corruption policy, and undertook the dissemination of the principles and changing of attitude toward practice. On November 18, 2013, the Company signed a mutual agreement with the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC). On April 3, 2015, CAC certified KCE as a member. The anti-corruption rating for the Company is in the level 4.

The Company established the Anti-corruption Policy to ensure that operation management is performed honestly, efficiently and effectively. The Company encouraged the distribution of the policy and communicated with management and employees of all level in order that the policy is accounted for as a practical guideline.